Equilibrium Autumn / Winter 2009

Equilibrium Autumn / Winter 2009 Sustainable Resort & Red Carpet Collection 

"The Serpent and the Phoenix joined in a dance; moving together, complementing each other, creating a perfect harmony".

This entire collection is dedicated to balance, from the choice of pallet to the design. The black base has been softened by delicate shades of purple and plum, spiked by a fiery raspberry and soothed by a deep, calm green.


The finest silks, cashmere, nettle and organic cotton have been hand painted, shaped and draped into creations elegantly bringing out the sweet as well as the darker, more vampish qualities in the bearer. Designed to leave the spectator with a sensation of an almost edgy calmness, Equilibrium will have you captured until the Phoenix herself decides to let you go.

© 2020 Leila Hafzi

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