Sustainable Resort & Red Carpet Collection Autumn / Winter 2008 Photo Emile Maxmillian Ashley.

The collection O3 "Ozone3" Sustainable Resort & Red Carpet Collection Autumn / Winter 2008 

Once again, we are proud to present an ethically traded, high-end fashion collection from designer, Leila Hafzi. This season, her collection, O 3 – winter 08/09, has been inspired by the life-essential Ozone Layer and the Ozone Molecule, O 3; just one part of our environment which suffer great damages as a direct result of our negligence and reluctance to accept the responsibility we have towards our surroundings and future generations.


O3 enlightens this topic through the garment’s colourings: From the vital Ozone Layer represented by fuchsia, to heavenly blue, via the toxic green and in the end shades of violet on a black foundation representing the actual damages.


O3 consists of eveningwear, silver jewellery and shoes hand carved in cultivated Teak Wood. The fit is sensual and feminine and more chic than Leila Hafzis previous collections. Although all fabrics are based on natural fibres and dyed with AZO Free Swiss Certified products, we still cannot present a fully ecological collection.

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