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Royaye Sefid VII “Lush Garden”

In busy buzzling Kathmandu, Leila Hafzi sometimes seeks refuge and draws her breath in one of the city’s lush gardens. During these pauses, the Designer may find herself mesmerized by the Hibiscus. Its sweet nectar makes it irresistible to humming birds and butterflies, and the pure beauty of the flowers have had equal effect on her. The sturdy plant with the delicate looking flowers, worked its way into the drawings, becoming part of the exquisite embroidered patterns gracing the gowns of "Lush Garden".

Delicate beauty, sweet nectar and vitality. Feminine silhouettes and timeless design, along with luxurious fabrics and a splash of love, make for pieces to be worn by generations to come. The entire collection is available in both a soft- and a bright colour pallet.

You find your sustainably made LEILA HAFZI wedding dress at one of our retailers in the retailer section.

Photographed in Norway by Anita Hamremoen @hamremoen

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