The brand, LEILA HAFZI, came to in Stavanger, Norway in 1997. On the scene of high-end fashion, a new voice was born and the ethical- and eco-conscious trade found a future leading lady. In a sensual, elegant manner, cultures have been explored and environmental issues highlighted. In this way the designer has contributed and inspired the fashion industry into a global shift.
Unfading joy of creation has made this multiple award-winning brand into the red carpet frequenter it has become. The trans-cultural collaboration of the LEILA HAFZI-team makes the impossible possible in the hazy and mostly chaotic production site of Kathmandu - where fashion business and developing work goes hand in hand in a way no other high-end brand can display. Leila Hafzi designs is recognized by their romantic, feminine and bohemian look combined with a innovative fusion of themes from different cultures and draw inspiration from Norway, Persia, Greece and Nepal.

Over the years, Leila Hafzi received national awards by several occasions - in 2007 and 2011 she was appointed ”Designer of the Year” by KK and Costume Awards, the Environmental price of the decade by OFW and the “Fashion for a Cause” price of 2011.

The brand is very well positioned in many exclusive boutiques side by side of the most famous brands in the international fashion industry and worn by a vaierity of celebrities world wide.


Back in 1997 few fashion brands talked about globalisation, empowernment of women and ethical and eco conscious production from a developing country. The aim to establish this has been a core mission of the entrepeneur Leila Hafzi since she first started her production in Kathmandu, September 1997.
The design- and production company, Nepal Productions AS, was established in 2005 in 2012 JUST was established and run the Lisence of LEILA HAFZI. The company is a proud member of The Ethical Trading Initiative - Norway, (IEH); a multi stakeholder initiative involving companies, employers, organizations, trade unions and NGOs. IEH's activities are based on the acknowledgement that companies have a responsibility towards human rights (including internationally accepted labor rights) in their supply chain.

Our work to establish an environmental friendly production cycle continues. Through years of first hand experience on working in a developing country, we see that we have come far. And although there are still lengths to go, we are confident that we will get there, overcoming the challenges, one at a time.

You find your sustainably made LEILA HAFZI wedding- and evening gown collection at one of our retailers in the retailer section or mail for booking at - leilahafzi.bridal@gmail.com

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