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The designer has again enhanced a collection by mixing elements from different cultures. The inspiration for the Royaye Sefid VII collection comes from the designer’s Persian background: This season she has dived into the moods of Persian Princesses and Queens. She has drawn patterns from persian carpets mixed it with wild leaf motifs. The collection is a tribute to the tales of Queen Scheherazade “Of Noble Linage” whom told the 1001 tales to her husband King Shahryār.

The signature palette of soft colours include pure white, crème and tender peach. As with all Royaye Sefid collections, the gowns and styles are available in soft hues, as well as a variety of brighter colours for Red Carpet and other special events.

The designer finds inspiration wherever cultures meet and interact. Elements from the Royaye Sefid collections build on the strings of prayer flags hanging across rooftops and above the streets of Kathmandu in Nepal, from her different cultural heritage and memories of a dream. Worn by the wind and sun, their sharp edges grow soft and ruffled. The rough edge silks compliment the overall femininity of the designs. 

Photographed in Norway by Anita Hamremoen @hamremoen
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