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Royaye Sefid xi Iiallureii

For the Allure collection Leila Hafzi continues to mold her cultural backgrounds from Persia and Norway into her exquisite hand embroidered motifs. She mostly draws inspiration from Persian carpet motifs and Norwegian traditional painting called “Rosemaling”. This year her collection splits in 4 inspirational directions. Her love for impressive flowerful gowns, her cultural backgrounds displayed in embroidery and a freehand drawing of 70 ́tees inspired beads embroidery.

Delicate Feminine silhouettes and timeless design, along with luxurious fabrics and a splash of love, make for pieces to be worn by generations to come. The entire collection is available in both a soft- and a bright color pallet.

Photographed by Anita Hamremoen in Monda, Spain

Model Sarah Birket

Styling Tore Petterson

Production Jocelyn Whipple

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