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Royaye Sefid XII "Ti Amo"

For the 2019 collection, Leila Hafzi found inspiration in her baby daughter. “As I was walking her in the fresh winter air a hint of an early spring touched my skin. I imagined her strolling down the streets in a soft coloured dress the frills on her dress moving along with her steps and the soft wind. Coming home I started drawing the collection immediately. Oversized ruffles and frills inspired by my little girl and the love she brings.”

inspiration from Persian carpet motifs and Norwegian traditional painting. Delicate feminine silhouettes and timeless design along with luxurious fabrics and a splash of love make for pieces to be worn by generations to
come. The entire collection is available in both a soft- and a bright colour pallet.

Photographed in Norway by Nina & Joachim  

Royaye Sefid XII
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